Wedding Writing & WordPress Sites

I (like so many others working in the wedding industry) got into wedding writing and creating wedding WordPress sites when I was planning my own wedding.

While I dont have oodles of samples of work in the wedding industry, I have the writing and WordPress skills needed to put together an awesome wedding website in WordPress (and I’ve done so for myself, and for family and friends).

I also have a first-class degree in event management, and years of experience working in wedding and event venues, including on corporate, private and public events in a 4-star hotel.


I offer my content writing and blogging services to wedding businesses and venues. Thanks to my expertise as a qualified event planner, and experience working in wedding venues, and planning weddings, I have a wealth of information and perspective on wedding-related topics.

I am available as a writer-for-hire, to research and produce content (like blog posts, website copy and email marketing) for bloggers, businesses and venues in the wedding sector, marrying (geddit?) my passion for the wedding industry with my professional skills as a blogger and content writer.

In addition to content services, I offer WordPress services to couples getting married. Specifically, I work with couples to set up a simple, theme-based wedding website in WordPress, complete with information about the big day, a passwrod-protected RSVP section, and a post-wedding update to include  links to a photo gallery.

You can view my full list of services here.

Credentials & Experience

I have a first class degree in event management, and a wealth of experience working ‘on the ground’ in various event venues and hospitality roles, as well as professional experience in an events agency.

I have set up and maintained multiple blogs and websites in WordPress, including my own wedding website, and wedding websites for friends and family.

I’m a native English speaker, based in the UK, with extensive blogging and content writing experience, most notably on my previous food and lifestyle blog, I have worked with numerous blogging and writing clients, had my writing published on other blogs and sites as guest posts, and worked with local businesses  and venues, too.