I work with businesses, bloggers and individuals in various sectors, but (like everyone else) I have my favourites:

Food Blogging, Writing & Photography Services

I started out in blogging and content writing with my my personal food blog,

Since then I’ve worked with multiple food businesses, on content ranging from blog posts, to  food photography to product descriptions.

I love to work with food brands, businesses and publications to get the word out about innovative products, food trends – and that little place around the corner that serves the best brownies you’ve ever eaten.

I work with producers, retailers, and publishers to develop beautiful, food-focussed content, for publication directly on brand’s sites or in the media.


Learn more about my work & credentials in the food sector here, and about my food blogging, writing & photography services here.

Wedding Writing & WordPress Sites Services

I (like so many others working in the wedding industry) got into wedding writing and creating wedding WordPress sites when I was planning my own wedding.

I offer my content writing and blogging services to wedding businesses and venues. Thanks to my expertise as a qualified event planner, and experience working in wedding venues, and planning weddings, I have a wealth of information and perspective on wedding-related topics. I also have extensive blogging and content writing experience, and excellent research and writing skills (if I do say to myself).

In addition to content writing services for wedding businesses, I work with couples to set up  simple, theme-based wedding website in WordPress, complete with information about the big day, a passwrod-protected RSVP section, and a post-wedding update to include a  link to a photo gallery.

Learn more about my work & credentials in the weddings sector here, and about my wedding writing & WordPress sites services here.

Business, Retail & Tech Writing Services

Working in the freelancing & blogging space, I have picked up skills and interest in business and marketing topics, particularly around digital and content marketing, SEO and social media management.

I also have specific skills and knowledge in event management, with a first-class BA, and experience working for event agencies and venues.

In my (part-time) day job, I produce content for a software business, Proximity, and particularly for Proximity’s SaaS product, Stream, including blog posts, website copy, marketing emails, product descriptions, social media copy, and even some videos.

I also working with small businesses on a freelance basis to produce content, researching sectors and target markets, to understand the specific customer challenges that can be solved, and produce well written, engaging content.

I have written on various topics (including events management, social media, logistics, software, and retail). I am able to undertake research and to be versatile in terms of writing style, voice and subject matter.

Learn more about my work & credentials in the business, retail & tech sectors here, and about my business, retail & tech writing services here.