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Wedding Site

My own wedding site.

When I was looking at options for a pre-made wedding site, none seemed quite right.

I love working in WordPress so, to me, creating a wedding site in WordPress was the obvious way to give guests information about my wedding, and to give them an easy and secure way to RSVP online.

I sourced bought my domain, installed WordPress and sourced a theme, before  picking out colours and finding suitable photographs to get the site just how I liked it

Everyone who looked at the site, loved it, and commended on how ‘us‘ it is. By creating it myself in WordPress, I was able to inject my (and my husband’s) personal quirks, our story, and all the things we love into every detail of the site.

Our wedding website included sections for:

  • A (breif) story of how we met
  • A timer, counting down to the big day
  • Deets about our plans for the wedding and reception (all written exactly how we’d say it to a friend – no formalities in sight)
  • A ‘who’s who’ guide to our bridal party (complete with silly pictures of friends & family taken at our engagement party)
  • RSVP – we enbedded a Google Form on a password-protected WordPress page, for a secure & simple online RSVP (the password was sent out on the paper invitations)

As planning time moved on, we also added:

  • Our virtual ‘wedding handbook’ (with travel & accomodation information, and a full schedule & menu, as well as sections on dogs, children, dress-code, WiFi & photography – can you tell I used to be an event manager?)
  • A section on suppliers, so that guests could easily see which vendors we’d used
  • After the wedding we also added our wedding photos directly to the site – so now we have a place to send all bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends, mums, aunties, grandads and any other random aquantences who turned up at the wedding, when they ask to see the pictures

I’ve designed wedding websites in WordPress for friends & family, and now offer wedding website design services at a competitive price.

You can find our wedding site at ZoeAndAndy.co.uk:

Wedding site screengrab for ZoeAndAndy.com

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