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Content marketing & tech writing for Proximity.

Proximity are a software company, based in Leeds & Nottingham.

They offer IBM i devlopment and modernisation services and solutions to businesses across Europe, (particularly in the logistics sector), along with manufacturing ERP (enterprise resource solutions) for the UK manufacturing sector.

Proximity also sell their own SaaS product, Stream, a cloud-based delivery and transport management solution for retailers, wholesalers and distributors making deliveries in their own vehicles.

I work part-time for Proximity, producing a range of tech content, including:

This role often involves extensive research, in order to confidently produce tech writing and authoritative content on highly technical topics, like IBM i development & modernisation, and manufacturing ERP & MES solutions.

I have been able to use a combination of official product and partner resources, short interviews with developers and experts, as well as comprehensive online research to gain a level of understanding of these topics, sufficient to write about them in an authentic, accurate and engaging manner.

The experience of writing in a more serious, B2B context has also challenged me to match  my style from a my natural, chatty, friendly ‘blogger’ voice, to a more serious tone, better suited to high-ticket business-to-business interactions.

Paul Rufus, Marketing Manager at Proximity said:

“Zoe contributes engaging and relevant content on technical topics for the Proximity site. She has a good understanding of the content and tone required for marketing in this space.”

You can find my work for Proximity at

Content Marketing for Proximity

I also produce content and copy for Stream, Proximity’s logistics management SaaS product. Learn more about that here.