Pesto and Margaritas

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Guest Recipe for Pesto + Margaritas.

Angela wanted to add a new section to her food blog, Pesto + Margaritas, to feature vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes.

As she wasn’t an expert on allergen-related recipe development, Angela wanted to start the new category on her blog with guest recipes from other food bloggers who did have experience with allergen-friedly recipes. She put a call out for food bloggers to write guest posts, including recipe development for dishes that would fit in her new vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cetegory.

I pitched a recipe to Angela, and it was accepted as the first recipe on Pesto + Margaritas’ new category. This was the first guest post I had pitched, and to have it accepted and published so quickly was very encouraging.

Angela, owner of Pesto + Margaritas, said:

“I love the post and your photos are fantastic!”

You can find this guest recipe at Pesto + Margaritas:

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