Pecking Tales

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Ghost Blogging for Pecking Tales

Pecking Tales is a fusion concept street-food restaurant in Singapore, started by Rana Bhattacharjee.

The team wanted to use blog posts to build content as part of their marketing strategy. This would give them fresh, engaging content to share on their social channels and boost local brand awareness

But as a busy entrepreneur, with all the pressure of a restaurant startup (from staffing to licensing, and supplier negotiations to menu decisions), Rana simply didn’t have the time to conduct keyword research, plan a content strategy, and write engaging blog posts that would reach his ideal audience.

I ghostwrote weekly blog posts on topics from local activities and attractions (like Ten Awesome things to do in Singapore), to explorations of the types of cuisine offered at the restaurant (for example, A Whistle-Stop Tour of Fried Chicken from Around the World) and other foodie or local topics that would be of interest to Pecking Tales’ target market (like this essay-style post Food in Singapore: A Melting Pot of Flavours).

I also sourced for the blog relevant, high-quality CC0-lisenced images for every post.

You can find the full blog (currently fully written by me) at

Zoe Pickburn Travel and Food Ghost Writing