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On My Way is a protein product for fitness fanatics. It’s a portable bottle with a carabiner keychain, which makes it easy for people to take a portion of their favourite supplements out and about with them on their travels.

When I first spoke with Fabod, the founder of On My Whey (and of another brand I’ve written for, Sriracha2Go), On My Whey was a new startup.

Farbod was looking for a content creator to write a series of SEO-optimised blog posts for the site. He was looking for someone with experience creating content in the food and health space to write on-brand fitness-related articles for OnMyWhey.com, on the topics of protein, supplements, or working out.

Farbod pointed at an article I’d published to my own site 10 Tips for Beginner Runners, as an example of exactly the kind of content he’d love for his own brand. I initially wrote a short series of 500-750 word blog posts for both sites, and we continued to work on content together.

Farbod, Founder for On My Whey said:

“Thanks for these Zoe. They look great! are you interested in writing some more for us?”

You can find the posts I wrote at OnMyWhey.com.

One post that we were particularly happy with was ‘What Is Whey?’, which would act as a thought-leadership piece to position the brand as a leader in the protein supplements space, explaining the features and benefits of the product to potential customers.

Fitness and health writer

We all know that whey is a great source of protein, and a staple part of many an athlete’s diet. But do you know what whey is made of, or where it comes from?

What is Whey?

Whey is a protein source derived from milk. It is the liquid, leftover after milk has been manufactured into cheese.

You may remember Little Miss Muffet’s ‘curds and whey’? Well, the curds are the solid part of coagulated milk, removed for cheesemaking, and the whey is the translucent liquid.

Whey is commonly used as a source of protein, particularly for athletes.

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