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Lists & Lace is a wedding consultancy that launched in 2016. Content is a big part of the marketing plan for Lists & Lace, but launching their business meant that all three founders were too busy to consistently publish high-quality, actionable blog posts

The Lists & Lace team needed well-written blog posts, that would really help their audience, and establish them as a leading authority in wedding planning.

With strict submission guidelines, the team loved my proposal to write about how to plan a street food wedding: “We’re all about personalizing your wedding in every way, and since food is such an important part of your lives, that sounds like an absolutely perfect way to personalize!”

The post I submitted, Why (and How) to Plan a Food Truck Wedding, was a huge success.

Ruth, a consultant & co-founder of Lists & Lace said:

“Thank you so much for all the work you put into your guest post! It’s so clearly written and helpful for anyone who wants to incorporate food trucks into their wedding.”

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