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Guest Recipe for Moderately High Maintenance

Moderately High Maintenance is a popular travel, food and lifestyle blog. Madeleine, who runs the blog, reached out, looking for guest contributors to help her create on-brand content for her blog

Madeleine has strict submission guidelines, and stated that “I love interesting recipes, especially ones that help people eat healthy”. The first recipe I suggested wouldn’t work with a sponsored post Madeleine had planned, so I went back to the drawing board and developed a vegan pesto recipe, as she was particularly looking for vegetarian or vegan recipes.

The second recipe was a success, with Madeleine commenting that it is the kind of recipe her readers would enjoy. I developed, wrote and photographed the guest recipe and submitted it promptly.

Madeleine added:

“Everything looks great! I am actually getting this formatted and ready to post for tomorrow. It worked better than the post I had scheduled. I seriously cannot wait to try this recipe myself!”

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