Content Marketing for Stream

Content marketing for Stream.

Working on Stream, the cloud-based product recently launched by Proximity.

Stream is a fast-growing SaaS product for the logistics and transport management sector.

The product is a logistics, vehicle and transport management software solution for retailers, wholesalers and distributors making deliveries or planning routes in their own fleet of vehicles.

There are two products in the software suite, Stream Go and Stream Check, as well as a mobile app for drivers. Stream are partnered with a provider of ruggedised mobile devices, so content focussed on these products is also a regular part of the content mix.

I work closely with the marketing manager on overall content strategy for Stream. We engage prospects through content marketing, social media and PPC ads, as well as at trade shows, and we regularly work with partners in the omnichannel retial and logistics space on collaborative content marketing efforts.

I am primarily involved in producing informative and engaging content and marketing assets, to assist in organic SEO rankings, and move prospects towards conversion, including:

Paul Rufus, Marketing Manager at Stream said:

“Zoe produces a lot of the content for Stream, and has worked with me throughout our recent rebrand, transition to WordPress and splitting down the softwre into a suite of products identities. She has worked on content to improve the SEO of the site, and has a very good understanding of the customer base, and the overall brand tone and identity, which comes through in the content she produces.”

You can find my work for Stream at

Content Marketing for Stream

I also produce content and copy for Proximity, the delevopers of Stream. Learn more about that here.