Döner Summer

Food truck website for Döner Summer.

When my husband announced that he was starting his own business, I wanted to do anything I could to support him.

Döner Summer launched in the summer of 2018, making & selling vegan doner kebabs at festivals & events throughout the UK. The Vegan 3 is a sister company to Döner Summer, and acts as their wholesale arm, selling vegan ‘meat’ products to restaurants, takeaways & retailers.

Since the start, I’ve provided marketing support by:

  • Building a theme-based website in WordPress for Döner Summer & for The Vegan 3
  • Writing copy and content for both websites
  • Advising on content & digital marketing strategy for the business
  • Shooting a number of photography projects for use on Instagram, on the websites and in other marketing materials.

You can find the Döner Summer food truck website at donersummer.com:

Döner Summer food truck website

You can find The Vegan 3 food business website at thevegan3.com:

The Vegan 3 food business website