Ghost Blogging for Food Bloggers

Ghost blogging for Cooking Yourself

Wanting to start a food blog, but not sure where to begin, Ali from Cooking Yourself advertised for food bloggers to ghostwrite her first few blog posts.

Ali wanted to fill her new blog with high-quality content but found herself overwhelmed and unsure how to start. She hired me to ghostwrite eight pieces of content so that she could begin promoting her blog as soon as possible.

I wrote a number of blog posts for Cooking Yourself, including original recipes, developed to a specific brief and provided with a well-written introduction and original food photography. The recipes included this squash and celeriac soup, avocado pesto and pumpkin-spiced bircher

I also wrote long-form blog posts on topics related to food and health, like this well-researched piece, Is food making you sick? Major health issues influenced by diet

Ali at Cooking Yourself said:

“Such a creative writer and has a natural artistic flare with photography! She was given very broad guidelines and delivered perfectly!! Love her attention to detail and her ability to deliver quality content!”

You can find a specific sample of a ghost blogging piece for this project at

Zoe Pickburn Ghost Blogging Sample