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Zoe Pickburn recipe guest blog for burlap and blue

Recipe Guest Blog for Burlap & Blue

Linda, from Burlap & Blue, requested high-quality guest posts for her popular DIY home and lifestyle blog. I proposed a simple, healthy salad recipe guest blog, with a do-it-yourself dressing, as a perfect fit for Linda’s beautiful site.

Linda has (understandably) high standards for her site. She specified that she was looking for DIY, craft and food posts, with a style that fit Burlap & Blue’s aesthetic, and that “Photography does need to be fantastic”.

Linda liked my proposal to submit a colourful salad recipe as a guest blogger on Burlap & Blue. I developed, tested and photographed the recipe, and delivered a fully proofread, error-free and engaging recipe blog post, in under a week. The post was live the following Monday.

Linda said:

“Thank you for the beautiful and fantastic post! I LOVE yummy salads, and this one has so many of my favorite things, it’s definitely something I would eat myself. Your images, too, are gorgeous… You have a lovely blog!”

You can find the recipe guest post at Burlap & Blue:
Zoe Pickburn recipe guest blog for burlap and blue