Where to Get Gluten-Free Cake in Leeds

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All the best places to grab a slice of gluten-free cake in Leeds

I just love a spot of coffee and cake. Whether its a break from shopping, a productive hour of focussed work time, or just whiling away an afternoon with a book, cake and a coffee are always in order. Since going gluten-free, I’ve sometimes had to forego an essential element of coffee and cake (that is, the cake), which is an utter travesty, to be honest. No one deserves to miss out on cake, so I’ve put together a list of the Top 10 places to grab a slice (or two) of gluten-free cake in Leeds.

Did I mention that I love cake? I also run a gluten-free baking blog at BakeAndBeHappy.com, so if you can’t get to one of these spots to get get some gluten-free cake in Leeds, you can always whip up a batch of your own.

Gluten-Free Cake in Leeds

The Top 10 Spots for Gluten-Free Cake in Leeds

  1. 2 Oxford Place

    2 Oxford Place, Leeds, LS1 3AX,/del>
    Enjoy a midmorning coffee and cake in Leeds’ original 100% gluten-free eatery. With an ever-changing selection of gluten-free cakes (and other treats) sweet-toothed coeliacs can eat here, safe in the knowledge that 2 Oxford Place operate a 100% gluten-free kitchen. Whilst you’re here, you can also pick up a packet of gluten-free bread mix to bake at home.
    UPDATE: Now closed down

  2. WildCraft Bakery

    Penraevon Industrial Estate, Leeds, LS7 2AW
    Serving up gluten-free baked goods from bread to biscuits, Wildcraft Bakery is a must-visit for anyone gluten-free in Leeds. Mina’s 100% gluten-free bakery in Woodhouse is open 10:00-16:00 Tuesday-Thursday, but you can pick up a loaf from cafes across the region, order bread online for delivery, or catch a slice at Kirkstall Deli Market on the last weekend of each month.

  3. Gluten-Free Cake in Leeds

  4. Salvo’s Salumeria

    106 Otley Road, Headingley, LS6 3PX
    Bringing Italian cafe culture to rainy Yorkshire, Salvo’s Salumeria always offers a little bit of sunshine. Open daily, the Salumeria is part of the original Salvo’s restaurant, which opened in the 1970s. Alongside the pizza, pasta and salads (not to mention the wine), that take a meal at the Salumeria straight back to Italian holidays, they serve up coffees and cakes, including a beautiful, gluten-free lemon polenta cake.

  5. The Well

    169 Stonegate Rd, Meanwood, LS6 4PU
    I just love their homemade gluten-free cakes, as well as their delicious brunchtime options. The Well is probably one of the friendliest places around, and the gluten-free cakes make it well worth the trip out to Stonegate Road for an afternoon coffee date in this cosy little cafe.

  6. Gluten-Free Cake in Leeds

  7. Tiled Hall Cafe

    The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 3AA
    Perhaps an unusual entry on the list, but I love the Tiled Hall Cafe at Leeds Museums. It has to be one of the most beautiful and underrated buildings in Leeds, and I could happily while away many an afternoon there with a large coffee, a good book and a slice of gluten-free cake. The cafe serves food 9-5 Monday-Friday, with shorter hours at weekends, and is run by Fresh Hospitality.

  8. Cafe 164

    Duke Street, Leeds, LS9 8AG
    Surrounded by the ever-changing art exhibitions of The Gallery at Munro House, Cafe 164 is great place to soak up the atmosphere with a lunch, coffee or a piece of cake. The cafe usually has a gluten-free cake option available, and is open every day except Sundays.

  9. Gluten-Free Cake in Leeds

  10. Laynes Espresso

    16 New Station Street, Leeds, LS1 5DL
    Layne’s is another favourite book-readin’, coffee-drinkin’, gluten-free cake eatin’ haunt of mine. Right by the station, Laynes is the perfect warm and cosy spot to park up when you’re early for your train. Their gluten-free lemon and blueberry cake is melt-in-the-mouth delicious, and their coffee game is always strong.

  11. The Cheerful Chilli

    East Chevin Road, Otley, LS21 3DD
    The Cheerful Chilli is way off the beaten track in Otley, but you won’t be disappointed with the cake when you get there. Famed for their vegetarian dining, the Cheerful Chilli also operate a tearoom on weekends, with gluten-free cake aplenty.

  12. Gluten-Free Cake in Leeds

  13. Roots and Fruits

    11-12 Grand Arcade, Leeds, LS1 6PG
    Roots and Fruits are a double whammy for me: totally vegetarian as well as serving up a bunch of gluten-free options, including a permanent gluten-free chocolate cheesecake. I love this little cafe in the Grand Arcade, with it’s bright walls, mosaic’ed specials board and mismatched furniture, Roots and Fruits has a lively, laid-back atmosphere alongside delicious food.

  14. The Bowery

    54 Otley Road, Headingley, LS6 2AL
    Another cafe-art gallery-event space, The Bowery is a busy little spot in Headingley, perfect for an informal meeting, or a coffee-cake-and-laptop work session. Seving up workshops, exhibitions, short-courses and events, alongside coffees and cakes (including the gluten-free variety), the Bowery always feels like a good place to get productive.

  15. Gluten-Free Cake in Leeds

Where is your favourite place to sit down with a gluten-free cake in Leeds (or beyond?) Let me know in the comments!

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