Where to Get Gluten-Free Beer in Leeds

Where to Get Gluten Free Beer in Leeds

This blog post exploring Gluten-Free Beer in Leeds originally appeared on my old blog, EatsLeeds.co.uk, but has now been republished and redirected here to ZoePickburn.com.

Exploring the bars, pubs and shops supplying gluten-free beer in Leeds

Its no secret that I love a gluten free beer. Before I realised that gluten was causing my health problems, and gave it up in mid-2015, I was a massive beer-drinker. and to be honest, I still am. So, coeliacs and gluten-intolerant people of Leeds and Yorkshire, do not despair! You can still get a decent pint (or, more often, a decent can or bottle) in Leeds. And it isn’t all lager!

This is, by no means, a complete list! If you know anywhere else to drink gluten free beer in Leeds, make sure to let me know in the comments or email me at Hello@ZoePickburn.com – I plan to regularly update this list as an essential resource for gluten free beer drinkers in and around Leeds.


Where to Buy Gluten Free Beer in Leeds

  • Oxford Place

    2 Oxford Place, Leeds, LS1 3AX

    As Leeds’ only exclusively gluten free venue, 2 Oxford Place offers Estrella Daura Damm and Green’s Golden Ale in bottles, as well as Mongozo’s organic fairtrade gluten-free Pilsner on tap

    UPDATE: Now closed down

  • The Adelphi

    3-5 Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1QJ

    This Victorian pub near the canal is spread across three floors and offers gluten free lager Estrella Daura Damm as a permanent bottle line.

  • All Bar One

    27 East Parade, Leeds LS1 5BN and The Electric Press, Leeds LS2 3AD

    Leeds has two branches of All Bar One, on Milennium Square and Greek Street. Both stock Estrella Daura Damm as a gluten free lager option.

  • Arcadia

    34 Arndale Centre, Headingley LS6 2UE

    When I lived in Meanwood and Headingley, I adopted Arcadia as my local, even though I walked pastat least two other bars to get there. Arcadia has a really knowledgeable team, a friendly pub atmosphere and a range of gluten free beers from First Chop, including Pip, their refreshing grapefruit saison. Arcadia’s sister bar, East of Arcadia, also has a full range of gluten free beers.

  • Beer Ritz

    14 Weetwood Lane, Headingley, LS16 5LX

    Beer Ritz is a great little beer shop in Headingley, stocking a massive range of beers from around the world. Beer Ritz currently stock a wide selection of gluten free beers, including BrewDog’s Vagabond, To Øl’s Reparationsbajer and the full range of Manchester-based First Chop Brewing Arm’s gluten free cans.

  • Belgrave Music Hall + Canteen

    1-1A Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, LS2 8JP

    Set in a high-ceilinged, three story building, and with a gorgeous roof garden, Belgrave is a great drinking spot for big groups – coeliacs can enjoy Mongozo’s Pilsner in bottles, as well as a range of three gluten free canned beers from First Chop.

  • BrewDog

    Crown Street, Leeds, LS2 7DA and New York Road, Leeds, LS2 7PF

    Both BrewDog’s original little bar, tucked into a corner behind the Corn Exchange; and ShuffleDog , which opened last year on North Street, stock their own gluten free pale ale, Vagabond, on tap or in bottles.

  • Where to Get Gluten Free Beer in Leeds

  • Brown’s

    The Light, Leeds, LS1 8EQ

    Right next to The Light on the Headrow, Browns is a little bit fancy, with a live pianist in situ most nights. If you’re not in the mood for cocktails, you can sip on a bottle of Estrella Daura Damm gluten free Lager instead.

  • The Brudenell

    33 Queen’s Rd, Leeds, LS6 1NY

    Traditional haunt of students and music lovers, The Brudnell in Hyde Park offer a gluten free rotation, always including at least 2 beers from Jopen, Mikkeller, Mongozo, Celia or Estrella.

  • The Brunswick

    82 North St, Leeds, LS2 7PN

    This little bar at the top of North Street offers Mikkeller’s gluten free Peter, Pale and Mary in bottles. White walls and pine furniture give The Brunswick a Scandinavian feel, and the third floor art space can usually be relied on to have an interesting exhibition in place.

  • Where to Get Gluten Free Beer in Leeds

  • Bundobust

    6 Mill Hill, Leeds LS1 5DQ

    The kings of vegetarian Indian street food also stock a really good range of gluten free beers, including Brewdog’s Vagabond and Mongozo’s Premium Pilsner and Buckwheat White.

  • Where to Get Gluten Free Beer in Leeds

  • Cielo Blanco

    Trinity Leeds, Leeds, LS1 5AY

    One of my favourite places to eat Mexican food in Leeds now stocks Ocho Reales gluten free Mexican ale too – a delicious and unusual darker ale.

  • The Fisherman’s Lodge

    391 Street Lane, Moortown, LS17 6HQ

    The newest outlet from The Fisherman’s Wife chain of chippies across Yorkshire has, like its’ counterparts, a gluten-free fry on Wednesday nights and stocks Wold Top’s gluten free ale Against The Grain, at its fully licensed bar.

  • Friends of Ham

    4-8 New Station Street, Leeds, LS1 5DL

    Friends of Ham used to be a tiny corridor of a bar, but the premesis was expended in 2014. Serving up beer, wine, cheese and charcuterie with table service, Friends of Ham also stock cans of Brass Castle’s gluten free Helles Lager and Hoptical Illusion, a citrussy IPA.

  • Head of Steam

    1-13 North Lane, Headingley, LS6 3HG and 12 Mill Hill, Leeds, LS1 5DQ

    Head of Steam have upped their gluten free game since the last time I visited them, now permanently offering Stone Brewery’s Stone Delicious IPA, a citrussy, hoppy bottled beer; and Mongozo Pilsner in bottles too.

  • Where to Get Gluten Free Beer in Leeds

  • Headrow House

    19 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 6PU

    Boasting a roof garden second only to Headrow House’s sister Belgrave, and with a cocktail bar, event space and restaurant besides the beer hall, Headrow House had a great party atmosphere. You can get To Øl’s Reparationsbajer, a zingy pale gluten free ale.

  • Where to Get Gluten Free Beer in Leeds

  • Nation of Shopkeepers

    26-27 Cookridge Street, Leeds, LS2 3AG

    You can get Estrella Daura Damm in bottles at Nation of Shopkeepers, a spacious city-centre bar, with bright murals on the walls, regular music events and a large enclosed courtyard that makes it a lovely little spot for a drink on a summers’ afternoon.

  • North Bar

    24 New Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6NU

    North Bar is one of my favourite places to drink in Leeds, and a craft beer pioneer in the city, first opened on upper Briggate in 1997 and now boasting a whole bunch of bars (and their very own brewery) across Leeds. North Bar serves up a gluten free selection, including Stringers Outlook Gluten Free Golden Ale and Daas Ambre, an organic, gluten free Belgian beer.

  • Raynville Superstore

    14-16 Raynville Road, Leeds, LS12 2TF

    This off-lisence/convenience shop in Armley specialises in craft beer, and gluten free beer drinkers won’t be disappointed, with a full range from First Chop, alongside Mongozo Pilsner and Mikkeller’s Peter, Pale and Mary.

  • Sela Bar

    20 New Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6NU

    Sela Bar, in a basement on Briggate, serves up world beers, cocktails and pizza alongside regular live music. You can get gluten free Mongozo Pilsner by the bottle.

  • Sheaf Street Cafeteria

    3 Sheaf Street, Leeds, LS10 1HD

    As well as a mean brunch from a rotation of kitchen residencies, Sheaf Street offer Estrella Daura Damm to gluten free lager drinkers.

  • Where to Get Gluten Free Beer in Leeds

  • TallBoys Beer Market

    17 Thorntons Arcade, Leeds, LS1 6LQ

    Tall Boys is a great little bottle-shop-slash-bar cosied up next to OK Comics on Thornton’s Arcade. As you’d expect, they offer an extensive range of bottled beers, including Mikkeller’s Gluten Free Peter Pale and Mary; Jopen’s deliciously hoppy Hop Zij Met Ons; and a selection from First Chop, including Pip, Hop and Sup.

  • Where to Get Gluten Free Beer in Leeds

    Tapped Leeds

    51 Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 5EL

    Tapped is Leeds’ favourite American-style brew-bar and pizza kitchen. You can get bottles of lager-style Bernard gluten-free pilsner, or To Øl Reparationsbajer, an American-style pale brewed in Denmark, to sip with your gluten-free pizza.

  • The Social

    21 Merrion Street, Leeds, LS2 8JG

    This spacious bar on Merrion Street usually has a gluten-free beer in stock, to enjoy in a casual atmosphere. From Mikkeller I Wish to Estrella Duara Damm and Peroni Gluten-Free, there’s something for every (gluten-free) taste at The Social.

  • Wapentake

    92 Kirkgate, Leeds, LS2 7DJ

    This little cafe-bar opened just last year on Leeds’ oldest street, Kirkgate. As well as homemade gluten free bread, they offer Brass Castle’s Helles Lager, Sunshine IPA and Hoptical Illusion, as well as gluten free US brewery Omission’s Pale Ale.

  • Whitelock’s Ale House + The Turk’s Head

    Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6HB

    These partner bars share outside space in Turk’s Head Yard, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it alley off Briggate. Whitelock’s is a low-ceilinged traditional pub, apparently among the oldest in Leeds, whilst The Turk’s Head is a revamped cocktail space which opened last year. Both offer the unusual Black Isle Brewery’s Goldfinch to gluten-free beer drinkers.

  • Where to Get Gluten Free Beer in Leeds

  • The Woods, Chapel Allerton

    5 Stainbeck Lane, Chapel Allerton, LS7 3PG

    Based a little out of the city centre, The Woods is worth the visit. A great bar, with really friendly staff and offering Mikkeller’s gluten free Peter, Pale and Mary in bottles, an American-style IPA brewed in Copenhagen.

Anyone fancy a drink?

This is just the start of a great list of coeliac-friendly places to buy gluten free beer in Leeds. I want this list to be an up-to-date guide for gluten-free beer drinkers in Leeds, so give me a shout if anything you see here is incorrect and I’ll apologise profusely and endeavour to make it right. If you know of anywhere else selling a great range of gluten free beer in Leeds, PLEASE let me know – I’m always looking for new places to drink add to the list. Do you have a venue selling gluten free beer in Leeds? If you’re not on the list, or your info is out-of-date, let me know so I can fix that sharpish!

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