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Food product descriptions freelance writer

Product description & feature page writing for food businesses

Product descriptions and feature pages are the pieces of copy that should move your customer towards their purchase decision. They’re the prime place to shout out the features, benefits and value-to-the-customer of your offering.

I’ll work with you to write describe your products and services accurately and attractively, in a tone and style that suits your brand.

Here’s how it’ll go down:

  • You can complete an initial questionnaire, or we can have a quick call over Zoom (whichever method suits you best is A-OK with me)
  • I’ll learn more about your business (and how I can help your audience understand how awesome your products are)
  • We’ll pin down the details of tone, numbers and word count, and I’ll get writing
  • I’ll research your products and deliver unique, engaging and search engine optimised descriptions

I’ve worked with a number of food brands to write product descriptions – from a grocery delivery app to a local food vendor.

If you want something a bit more in-depth, take a look at my other freelance services. I’m also a food photographer, and can work a complete package of product descriptions and product shots.

Product descriptions for food businesses