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Zoe Pickburn Content Services

The core of my business uses the parts of blogging that I really excel at (and enjoy) to produce original content for other food and lifestyle businesses.

I research your industry, brand and ideal customers, to understand the kind of content that will stand out. I’ll align copy with your brand tone, voice and style, to develop content that can help you to:

Blogging & Content Services for food businesses

I’ll work with you to write the words that’ll persuade your ideal customers to buy from you.

I offer blogging services to food and lifestyle businesses, from one-off posts, to long-term content strategies.

I will:

  • Research & understand the specific challenges your customers face, and the way your product and content could solve those problems
  • Create a plan to engage, inform and move your readers towards your end goal, with relevant, up-to-date information about your business, your products and your industry
  • Execute on that strategy by researching and writing regular posts aligned with your brand and your ideal customer, which fit your tone, voice and style

I’m also able to advise on other aspects of digital marketing, from SEO to WordPress maintenance, to social media.

Product description & feature page writing for food businesses

Product descriptions and feature pages are the pieces of copy that should move your customer towards their purchase decision. They’re the prime place to shout out the features, benefits and value-to-the-customer of your offering.

I’ll work with you to write describe your products and services accurately and attractively, in a tone and style that suits your brand.

Here’s how it’ll go down:

  • You can complete an initial questionnaire, or we can have a quick call over Zoom (whichever method suits you best is A-OK with me)
  • I’ll learn more about your business (and how I can help your audience understand how awesome your products are)
  • We’ll pin down the details of tone, numbers and word count, and I’ll get writing
  • I’ll research your products and deliver unique, engaging and search engine optimised descriptions

I’ve worked with a number of food brands to write product descriptions – from a grocery delivery app to local food vendors.

Persuasive copy for the key pages on a website

How long is it since you updated your home, about or work-with-me pages? You probably get the most traffic moving right through these top pages, so use them to nab potential customers.

If the words on your website are out of date, boring or just not appealing to your audience, I can research and write website content and copy, to improve onsite SEO and speak to your audience (in a voice they understand).

This will generally include homepage copy (AKA your virtual storefront), plus three static pages:

  • About – The essential information about you and your business, and more importantly how you help your customers
  • Pricing/Packages – Typically the second-most-visited page on a site (after the homepage). Know your worth (and persuade your customers of your worth) with can’t-live-without-it persuasive copy (without being sales-y).
  • Product/What we do – Exactly what makes your product or service unique, and (you’ve guessed it), what makes it valuable to your customers.

I also write one-off pieces of marketing content, on an ad-hoc basis (like eBooks and whitepapers; case-studies; product descriptions and feature pages; articles and press-releases; and print materials), to help promote your business.

Theme-based WordPress sites for small businesses

I’ve implemented, customised and maintained many wordpress sites, including my own blogs (, and, and sites for other businesses like Döner Summer and Diva Hair Design.

I don’t build websites from scratch, but I have a good knowledge of WordPress, including basic security and back-up best practices, and am able to quickly and easily install WordPress on a self-hosted site.

I am used to working with themes, and can customise a free or premium WordPress theme with your brand colours and typography, populate it with your copy, set up the basics of SEO best-practices, to give you a solid and professional WordPress site.

Original recipes & content for food businesses

I develop recipes and write other foodie content to feature on the website and across social media channels for food & lifestyle brands. Branded recipes are a great way to showcase products, and inspire readers (and potential buyers).

I have a wealth of food knowledge and a passion for kitchen experimentation and unorthodox dining. Brought up by former-restaurateurs, I (naturally) married a chef, and have over a decade’s experience working in food service (from waiting tables to assisting in kitchens) under my own belt, too.

My background as a food blogger and food photographer makes me perfectly placed to:

  • Develop & test original recipes
  • Write evocative and informative content around the recipe, ingredients and/or techniques
  • Format the actual written recipe for the web
  • Shoot & edit high-quality photography to accompany those recipes.

I specialise in the free-from space and content around allergens, though I am more than able to develop recipes outside this niche. 

I also offer food & lifestyle photography for restaurants, food producers & venues in Yorkshire as Fig & Fennel Photography.

Credentials & experience


I’ve been blogging about food since 2016 on I learned on the fly, growing the blog from the ground up, (and it was a steep learning curve).

Over the past few years I’ve run and contributed to various other blogs & sites in the food niche. My work has been published both as guest posts and as ghostwritten content – you can see samples in my portfolio below.

I work part-time in content & digital marketing (planning and
producing blogs, website content, email marketing copy and social
media) for a B2B SaaS business at

I also have over a decade’s experience working ‘on the ground’ in various food & beverage, retail and hospitality roles


  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Social media
  • WordPress support
  • Food photography
  • Recipe development
  • Adobe suite

My work