Food Writing

The core of my business is based on planning and writing share-worthy content for brands and businesses: I’m good at it, I know it and I love doing it.

Food writing services include:

  • Blogging & Content Strategy – I’ll research and write regular posts aligned with your brand and your audience. Creating & executing a plan to engage, inform and move your readers towards your end goal, with relevant, up-to-date information about your business, your products and your industry
  • Product descriptions – Product descriptions & feature pages are the prime places to shout out the features, benefits and value-to-the-customer of your offering. I’ll work with you to describe your products and services accurately and attractively, in a tone and style that suits your brand
  • Recipe development – Developing recipes to use as content on your site is kind of my jam. Its one of the things I excel at (and one of my all-time favourite activities. Leftovers, anyone?). I work with you to develop tasty recipes to feature on your website and across social media. Recipes are a great way to showcase your products and inspire readers to use them
  • Website copy – From about-pages to home-page copy, I can re-write your high-traffic pages, to work with your brand and appeal to your customers
  • One-off pieces of content – I also write one-off pieces of marketing content, on an ad-hoc basis (like eBooks, whitepapers, case-studies, press-releases and print materials), to help you promote your business
  • Proofing and editing – If you’ve got your website copy down and it just needs a once-over, I’ll take a look and clean up any messy mistakes or spelling faux pas

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