About Me

Zoe Pickburn
Hi! I'm Zoe. I am a...

I create content for food & lifestyle businesses - everything from blog posts & web copy to recipe development or WordPress support.

I've been running my own gluten-free and vegan blog at EatsLeeds.co.uk since 2016, learning many skills along the way.

As well as written content, I also shoot food photography (and write about shooting food photography) at figandfennel.photography.

What I do:

I fell in love with writing about food and developing recipes when I started my first blog, EatsLeeds in early 2016.

Since then, I’ve focussed in on:

What I love:

  • Reading is my first love. I’ll read anything (newspapers, blogs, cereal boxes…) but my favourite is books (I may have embraced tech & digital in my working life, but I’d rather snuggle down with a paper book when I get the chance) and my favourite favourite is YA fantasy novels (and if we’re getting right down to it, my favourite favourite favourite is Harry Potter).
  • I guess, if we’re talking about the things I love, I should probably mention my favourite person too. He’s awesome. He makes me food and he makes me laugh and he’s 200% supportive of everything I decide to do (or not to do) and that’s all I ever really wanted in a husband tbh.
  • The other thing I love love love (and my whole business is kind of a dead giveaway for this one) is food. I’m constantly snacking and I love exploring new places to eat. There’s just one issue: I’m kind of a fussy eater.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love colour and flavour and texture and trying new things and all that jazz, but I live with a couple of restrictions: I’m vegan and I have a gluten intolerance. My food blog goes into more detail about what that entails, but it essentially means that I don’t eat animal products (that’s meat, including poultry & fish, as well as eggs, dairy and honey) or foods containing gluten (like wheat, rye or barley – most commonly found in flours, bread, pasta and beer).
    It can be kind of a drag sometimes, but I guess it makes me more creative in the kitchen.

What next?

Now that you know a bit more about me, why not check out my food blog, learn how to start your own food blog, find out more about my freelance services, or get in touch