Zoe Pickburn is a blogger & content writer.

What do I do?

I’m a blogger & content writer, working with small businesses on a freelance basis to produce website content.

I research sectors & target markets, to understand the specific customer challenges that can be solved, & produce well written, engaging content.

But what does does that actually mean?

That means that I write content (like blog posts, articles and website pages) for small businesses.

Website content helps busnisses to be seen (on social media) and found (via search engines); to engage their ideal audience, inspire trust and to build authority in their sector; and ultimately to attract (and convert) more customers.

You can learn more about my actual services here.

About Zoe Pickburn

[The fun, quirky, these-are-all-the-things-I-love version]

I fell in love with writing about food and developing recipes when I started my first blog, EatsLeeds in early 2016. Since then, I decided to focus in on growing my freelance content writing business (and on my day job in content marketing for a software business), because I love writing, I love blogging, and I love helping small businesses to get on track with their website content.

Reading is my first love. I’ll read anything (books, newspapers, blogs, cereal boxes…) but my favourite is physical books (I may have embraced tech + digital in my working life, but I’d rather snuggle down with a paper book when I get the chance) and my favourite favourite is young-adult fantasy novels (and if we’re getting right down to it, my favourite favourite favourite is Harry Potter), though I do try to read outside of my comfort zone (see every book I read in 2017 here, and keep up with my 52-books-in-a-year challenge for 2018 here).

I guess, if we’re talking about things I love, I should probably mention my favourite person too. He’s awesome. He makes me food and he makes me laugh and he’s 200% supportive of everything I decide to do (or not to do) and that’s all I ever really wanted in a husband tbh.

I have a first-class degree in Events Management (fun fact: that’s how my husband and I met). I fell in love with the marketing aspect of events, but never quite made my introverted self into an out-there event planner).

I’m from Yorkshire, UK. we’re the biggest (and best) UK county, but the accent and dialect can take some getting used to for non-Yorkshire folk.

About Zoe Pickburn

[The official, fancy, I-promise-I’m-a-real-adult version]

Zoe Pickburn is a blogger and content writer from Yorkshire. She is passionate about free-from food , and has a background in marketing.

Zoe loves to work with small & independent businesses to attract and engage their ideal audience, with awesome copy and content (from about page copy, to in-depth blog posts, to unique product pages).

In early 2017 Zoe closed the doors on her food blog, EatsLeeds to focus on freelance writing + content marketing and on her day job in content marketing for a small software business in Yorkshire. Learn more about her freelance services here.